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"I loved everything about this book" - Dana Coleman

The Problem with Balance

For as long as you can probably remember, you've been told that the holy grail of being a working mom is achieving this elusive notion of work-life balance. 

The challenge?

Work-life balance is extremely difficult to achieve and even harder to maintain. Not to mention the fact that the pure definition of "balance" is subjective.
How do you even know when you reach "balance"?

How do you keep it when project deadlines creep in and kid stages suddenly shift?

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"Working moms are strong, resilient, amazing women who have the potential to do and be anything they dream of. Thank you for reminding us of this. Thank you for reminding us we’re not alone. For reminding us that we can do this and come out as happy moms and happy working women at the same time. " - Brittany Kapper

The Working Mom Blend

The Working Mom Blend discusses the importance of blending the duality of motherhood and career over chasing the near-impossible ideal of work-life balance, which will leave us constantly feeling as though we are falling short, work-life blend offers a more realistic approach.

Our children and families are not to be compartmentalized, as the word balance might suggest. Rather, they're always with us - either physically or in our hearts and minds - and we have the ability to weave their needs in and out of our days as needed when approaching our role of a working mom from a perspective of blending. It's a mindset that allows for grace and flexibility. A more flexible and integrated approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of their professional and personal lives.

I absolutely resonated with this book from the first chapter! The story weaved through here with very thought-provoking questions really helped me look at my own life as a working mom. Every question posed helps lift the “mom guilt” that so many face and really give us working mom some “action steps” we can work through to help get what we want from working mom life. Ever since hearing/reading about the idea of work-life blend that Lacy presents has helped lift so much weight and pressure to “do it all”. Would recommend this book to EVERY mom I know who’s trying to be super woman at work and at home." - Hope Noble

Hey, I'm Lacy Jungman

Executive, Mom of 4,
wife and coach

Award Winning Author & Keynote Speaker

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