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Hello! I'm Lacy.

From startups to the corporate organizations, my career path most certainly wasn't a linear one. I have served executive roles throughout my career spanning operations, sales, marketing and customer experience. Leveraging the art of storytelling and the human desire for connection, I have traveled the country sharing my expertise in areas that emphasize the importance of relationships, the power of our words, individualization and empowerment - in both personal and professional settings.


The greatest title I've ever earned, however, is Mom. I'm a mom of four boys, and passionate about supporting working moms who are striving to juggle it all. My mission is to help individuals identify their future goals while achieving a better understanding of themselves, in order to get the most out of life at home and at work. My fervor equally lies in helping organizations maximize the unique traits and talents of each team member in order to see positive outcomes, increased job satisfaction and lower turnover.

My Story

As a mom of four children that has held a job since I was 14, I found repeated friction in the role society told me I should uphold as a mother and the role I wanted to pursue myself, as a woman with career goals. With each pregnancy announcement, it was suggested to me that perhaps this was the time I needed to pause my career and stay home.


I searched endlessly for resources that told me it was possible to have a large family and still maintain two household careers, but I kept coming up short. I wondered if I was selfish or unrealistic to have a big crew and continue to work as an executive. Initially, it wasn't an option for me to stay home financially, so I persisted. And I'm thankful for the many lessons learned and the strength I found as I continued on this path. Being a working mom is hard. The calendar coordination alone is on its own level, exasperated by the sheer quantity of children. There's mom guilt and feelings of never giving enough to anyone or anything because you're spread so thin. But through baby years, elementary stages and teen angst, there is beauty through the challenges that refine us in the most precious of ways. And most importantly, I came to know myself through this journey and accept that being a working mom is neither unrealistic nor selfish. 

From supporting working moms, empowering women to gain confidence and increasing productivity on teams, I'm passionate about helping others get the most out of life and work. I look forward to connecting with and supporting you!

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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