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Embracing Imperfection this Christmas

Since I was a kid, I loved looking at Christmas lights - driving through various streets in town, sipping hot chocolate and soaking in the holiday medley playing through the radio. There is something about the stark contrast of color  popping through the pitch black sky, that beckons admiration of the beauty. 

But if you've ever been in the car with me while soaking in the colorful glow, you'd hear me gush over what I call "homemade Christmas" displays. For me, the true enchantment lies not in the perfectly orchestrated displays put up by professionals but in the humble, imperfect charm of the lights meticulously hung by homeowners who pour their hearts into the display.

While we have outsourced lights that are spaced evenly on our roofline simply out of the sake of time, every year as the holiday season unfolds, I find myself drawn to these homemade displays. There's a story behind each strand of lights, each carefully placed decoration that adorns the house or lawn. It's not about flawlessness or grandeur; it's about the love, time, and effort invested by the homeowners.

These homemade Christmas lights speak volumes about life itself. They're not flawless or picture-perfect, much like our own lives. Instead, they're a bit messy, a touch chaotic, and wonderfully unique. And that's precisely what makes them so special.

In a world where perfection is often glorified, these homemade displays remind me of the beauty found in imperfection. They tell stories of families coming together, untangling strings of lights, testing bulbs, and laughing over mishaps. They're a testament to the joy that comes from imperfection, from the little quirks and idiosyncrasies that make each house's display uniquely beautiful.

Just like life, these displays aren't always smooth sailing. There might be tangled wires, a few flickering bulbs, or a section that doesn't light up as intended. But isn't that a reflection of reality? We stumble, we face challenges, but it's how we embrace those imperfections that truly define us.

In a world that often emphasizes flawlessness, we forget the magic of imperfection. It's in the mismatched colors, the slightly lopsided decorations, and the handmade ornaments hanging alongside store-bought ones that we find true authenticity.

Life, much like these homemade displays, is a medley of chaos and beauty. It's in the messy moments, the unexpected twists, and the imperfectly perfect details that the true essence of life resides. These displays remind us to celebrate our uniqueness, to embrace our imperfections, and to find beauty in the unpolished, raw aspects of ourselves.

So this holiday season, as I drive my kids back and forth between what feels like a billion evening practices, I actively seek out those homes adorned with homemade Christmas lights. I encourage you to do the same and to allow yourself this reminder to cherish the imperfect, to celebrate the effort poured into creating something truly heartfelt. Because just like those lights, we shine brightest when we embrace our individuality and imperfections, adding our own unique sparkle to the world.



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