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Get More Done While Having More Fun At Home!

Today, I want to share something that has truly transformed the way my husband and I navigate our family life—the concept of "Working Genius." It all began when my husband playfully labeled me as a "butterfly" early in our marriage. He noticed how I was always lost in my thoughts, dreaming up new ideas left and right. He called himself the "doer," someone who loves bringing ideas to life. Little did we know, these terms aligned perfectly with the Working Genius framework that we would later discover.

As we explored this concept, originally created by Patrick Lencioni as a framework to increasing productivity in the workplace, it became evident that our dynamic—my love for invention and his knack for discernment and tenacity—was a reflection of our Working Geniuses. The six functions—wonder, invention, discernment, galvanizing, enablement, and tenacity—felt like they were tailored to our family life, not just our professional endeavors. Think about it: the myriad tasks, from planning family vacations to managing household chores, require a combination of these functions.

Unpacking the Six Working Geniuses at Home

At the heart of every successful project or endeavor are these six Working Geniuses. Take the example of planning a family vacation to illustrate how each genius plays a role within a household:

  • Wonder: The spark ignites when someone wonders, "Should we go on vacation? What could we do differently?"

  • Invention: This genius takes over, suggesting ideas and possibilities for the vacation destination, activities, and plans.

  • Discernment: Now, the partner with discernment evaluates the feasibility of these ideas, weighing practicality and potential pitfalls.

  • Galvanizing: With a direction in mind, the galvanizer rallies the family, generating excitement and commitment for the vacation.

  • Enablement: The enabler steps up to turn plans into action—booking flights, accommodations, and organizing logistics.

  • Tenacity: Finally, the tenacious individual ensures that everything comes together, making sure the vacation happens as planned.

Navigating Gaps and Embracing Diversity

While this ideal sequence sounds seamless, in reality, not all households boast all six working geniuses. Families are diverse, and individuals have their unique strengths and preferences. Some might lack the wonder or tenacity required for certain tasks. Acknowledging these gaps and diversity is essential.

Understanding your and your family members' Working Geniuses can pave the way for open communication and mutual appreciation. It's crucial to avoid comparing your family's dynamics to others', as no two households are identical. When you know your strengths and those of your spouse and children, you can work together more efficiently without feeling guilty about not matching other families' achievements.

Bridging Gaps with Collaboration

So, how can you navigate gaps in Working Geniuses within your family? Here are two effective strategies:

  1. Working in Your Area of Genius: Allocate more time to tasks that align with your working genius. If you excel in invention, come up with creative solutions for family challenges. If you're great at discernment, evaluate options and help make informed decisions.

  2. Leveraging Others' Geniuses: Don't hesitate to involve family members or friends who possess a specific Working Genius that you lack. Whether it's wonder, enablement, or tenacity, utilizing their strengths can make tasks smoother and more enjoyable.

Empowering Kids with Working Genius

As your children grow, involve them in discussions about Working Genius. Help them identify their strengths and guide them to contribute to family initiatives using their natural talents. Empowering children to embrace their Working Genius not only builds their self-confidence but also nurtures a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

By fostering an environment where everyone's working geniuses are recognized and celebrated, you're creating a family dynamic that's supportive, efficient, and fulfilling.

Positive Outcomes Ahead!

Embracing the Working Genius concept can be a game-changer for your family life. By identifying and leveraging each family member's strengths, you're creating a collaborative environment where tasks are tackled with enthusiasm and effectiveness, rather than judgement and blaming. This model transcends the professional realm and holds the key to unlocking your family's full potential. So, take the assessment, start the conversations, and watch your family flourish with newfound understanding and harmony.

To hear more about applying Working Genius at home, stop by my Podcast: Working Mom Moments, where you can hear a full episode on the topic. Click on the button below to listen!


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