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Special Offer:

Working Mom Moments

Ready to create the life you want as a working mom? Not sure where to start? Let's do this together!

working mom sitting and pointing at shirt that says don't quit your daydream

If you've listened to my podcast or met me in person, you know I'm passionate about helping working moms get the most out of their lives. I've turned that passion into a bundled opportunity to help you jump start your journey!

One Hour Coaching + Working Genius Assessment Bundle

Schedule a 60-minute coaching call with me, and we'll work together to set you up on the next steps of your working mom journey. As a bonus, you'll be sent a complimentary Working Genius Assessment that we'll review during our 1-on-1 call. ​​


Not familiar with Patrick Lencioni's book, The Six Types of Working Genius? As a certified facilitator, I help individuals and teams find joy, fulfillment and increased productivity at home and at work. (Learn More)

Whether you're interested in identity work focused on self or situational acceptance, clarity in what you need today or exploring future opportunities—I am here to help! Let's get you unstuck and working in areas that bring you joy both at home and at work.


60-minute 1-on-1 coaching call + Working Genius assessment for one low cost of $100! (Normally $150)

Brian Prouty, Seattle

It was extraordinary witnessing her aptitude and grace as she commanded the attention of the audience. She shared stories, data, and insight that was relevant, endearing, humoristic, and pertinent to our current market. Everyone walked away with additional tools to help them in their sales journey. Her success is rooted in the ability to connect with her audience in a very personable and meaningful manner. While there were 100 people in the room; each person felt as if she was engaging in a 1:1 conversation with them alone.
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