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Embracing the Power of "And"

Finding Balance and Fulfillment as a Working Mom

If you're anything like me, you've experienced moments as a working mom where you've felt torn between choosing your career or being there for your kids. The feeling of constantly having to pick one over the other can lead to skyrocketing guilt and a sense of overwhelm.

One perspective that helped me re-shape my lens on being a working mom was a concept taken out of an improv theater book: "Yes, and...".

Essentially, saying "yes, and" was the rule, where you built upon each other's ideas - no matter how crazy or difficult the scene and context became. Saying "yes, and..." allowed the scene to unfold and create solutions that might not have been there if a participant shut everything down with "no".

I realized that this principle is a game-changer for the way I approach my life as a working mom. Instead of feeling stuck in an either-or mindset, I had to learn to embrace the "and" - the idea that I can excel in my career and be an amazing mom.

For the longest time, I believed I had to be all-in at work or fully present at home. That in order to be the best at something, I had to pick between the two. I found myself thinking, "but why can't I be both?". I've come to understand that it's okay to give myself grace and accept that I can do justice to both roles. I can be an accomplished team member and still love my children deeply. And guess what? So can you.

It's not about achieving a perfect balance between work and family; it's about thriving in the gray zone, where these roles blend and complement each other. This is where the magic happens - where I can maximize my time by embracing the overlap instead of constantly choosing sides.

This journey isn't about striking a balance but embracing the full spectrum of who I am. I'm both a dedicated team member and a loving mom. I've realized that the power of "and" empowers me to be a masterpiece of achievements and a work of art in nurturing my family.

So, to all my working moms out there, I encourage you to lean into the power of "and." We don't have to choose; we can thrive in both roles. This isn't about perfecting a balancing act but crafting a symphony where career and motherhood harmonize beautifully. Let's rewrite the narrative and celebrate the magic of being a working mom who embraces the "and."



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I'm a Certified Working Genius Facilitator, an executive leader, writer, speaker and mom.

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